Thursday, July 21, 2011

Longer days on the way?

I don't know if it's just that we've had some awfully nice, sunny days lately, but it's started feeling like we're hauling out of winter and into spring.*

The almond, wisteria, and fig trees dropped their leaves some time ago, but the plum tree is only just now succumbing:
Plum leaves in winter
It's so nice having lovely colours out in the garden to mark the passing of time. It's really the best time to be out there - sunny days, but not too hot. Hmm, I'm almost talking myself into taking some Gardening Leave.

*Oh no, should I start panicking that I haven't gotten the garden ready for summer yet?!


  1. We had a brief almost-Spring two days ago but yesterday we had sleet and gales and in the Southern Capital the apparent temperature was 1.4*C. Brrr.
    I hope it is nicer where you are and I love the longer days.
    Don't panic, you have all of Spring to get the garden ready for Summer, and the rest of Winter too!!


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