Saturday, November 6, 2010

More laundry organisation

Am I becoming a bit organising obsessed, or what? I'd like to think I'm just doing all this as a means to an end - meaning that when everything is sufficiently organised, I'll get back to..err.. doing non-organising things. But I have a sneaking suspicion that organising is never "done", in the way that gardens are never "finished". Mind you, comparing myself to other organising-obsessed bloggers, I still seem to be at the normal end of the spectrum.

Anyway. The laundry. I couldn't quite psyche myself up for hard physical work today (despite getting 12 HOURS of sleep), so I thought a bit of tidying in the laundry might be just the thing. If you need to revisit part one and part two, off you go. The catalyst for this next step was a lovely, fruitful trip to Bunnings. We bought four large hooks so that we could hang up the spare reticulation pipe:
Between this and the pegboard, I think it's safe to say that I quite approve of hanging things up :D

Getting these coils up and off the bench space, meant that this area could be transformed:
By the way, I should have warned you - this post will be photo-heavy! So the after shot there doesn't really do the transformation justice. The box on the left contains all the bottles I've collected to make fruit fly traps. I'm hoping to get those traps made and into the garden tomorrow, meaning there will be a nice big area of empty bench space available. The plastic boxes in the middle, containing retic parts and seeds, will eventually go into the cupboards below. The stuff on the right of the photo is my worm farming equipment, now handily located next to the worm farm!

Moving the worm farming stuff onto the bench space, meant that my washing machine could be restored to its former colour:
While we're on before & after shots, the concrete troughs are looking so much better:
I also managed to tidy up the area below the troughs:
That plastic container in the middle is for my mosaicing supplies - one day I will have a house with sufficient room to keep this stuff inside! And a nice big area for mosaicing... can't wait! The tub on the left is Sand Remedy - I haven't found a convenient place to store it yet. The box to the right is a big fancy clampy thing I got Chris a while ago - again, one day we'll have the space to actually take it out of the box and set it up!

One last crop of photos:
The shelf above the sink there is where I'm going to keep the things I use most often - watering can, worm wee, seaweed extract, and wetting agent.

So, superficially, the laundry looks SO much better now. More than that, the gardening I've done in the last couple of weeks has been so different - such a breeze (comparatively) when you can easily put your hand on every product you need, without having to dig under or behind other things.

Unfortunately, the drawers and cupboards are still quite appalling, so that will be the next job in the laundry. I think what I have to do is:
- measure and document the dimensions of the shelves and drawers
- go out and buy some storage options to fit the available space
- decide on the storage categories I will use.

That will be quite a satisfying project, because I can finally move some of the weird stuff out of the bedroom cupboard. There's a box labelled "Tools & DIY" which is stuffed full of things which shouldn't really be stored in the bedroom. Oh, I also need to get a step ladder so I can actually use the cupboards above the bench space :D I was going to put that on my Christmas list but I don't think I can wait that long.

Here are the categories I'm tossing around in my head at the moment:
- plumbing stuff
- nails, screws, other fixings
- poisons
- pest control stuff
- soil improvement stuff
- stuff to do with watering

Any suggestions, faithful readers?


  1. I have no ideas, I am the most disorganised person ever. I like it that Tess is helping and giving things the sniff of approval. Your organisation has made such a difference. Well done!!

  2. Bon that is awesome!!

    Love a practical laundry/shed with items in easy reach. I find it's the case with craft rooms as well - and I'll bet a disorganised laundry/shed leads to similar consequences of a disorganised craft room... multiple purchases of items already owned!! Sometimes not such a downfall if it's yarn and ribbons etc.. but really, most of the time it's a hassle - so here's to your organisational skills! Huzzah!!



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