Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yates vegie growing challenge

Because I've clearly got too much time on my hands.. :D I've signed myself up for even more blogging!

Yates is doing a vegie growing challenge, and I thought, eh, why not! Mr Bon seems moderately interested, too. Technically we just signed up to grow carrots, but radish has also gone in, along with some herbs, and there are some volunteer seedlings popping up in the bed, too.

I think it's quite a good way to get motivated - it keeps track of how many days in you are with your challenge, and it's easy to find other people in the same geographic area, who may be growing the same things. And of course there is always the remote chance of winning something! :)

So, if you want to follow my progress in the challenge, here it is: 3TomatoesShort's Vegie Growing challenge. There is a voting button too, but I think that might only be for others who are doing the challenge. Feel free to leave a comment though!


  1. How exciting, I only learned about the special gardening usage for 'volunteer' the other day. I had never heard it before. It's still too cold here to plant any Spring things, we have snow down to 300m!!

  2. Fantastic Bon! Lovely to have another spot to see you online! :) Hopefully Tess will restrain herself and not nibble on the tasty treats as they appear! Here's spreading the good vegie word online AND potentially winning fantastic prizes ;D

    Cindy - I HEARD about the 300m line snow!! Egads! That's awfully close isn't it!!Hope you have some snuggley knits to wear, and that the doggalogs keep you nice and warm by sitting on your feet!


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